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Open House at Makers: micro:bit

6 minute read

micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer board designed by BBC, to encourage kids to learn how computers work, rather than simply consuming. The fourth Open Hous...

Open House at Makers: 3D Modeling

2 minute read

In the last week’s Open House at Makers Siem Reap, we had 3D modeling classes, in which kids learnt how 3D object is designed with CAD, or Computer Assisted ...

Open House at Makers: Paper crafts

3 minute read

Our open house event at Makers Siem Reap the last weekends, Kids made a paper glider. Paper craft is not just an activity for kids at school, but a serious ...

What I teach in my class at Makers

4 minute read

When I started my electronics class, I was not sure how it would go. After months, the students finally write actual code that does something more than blink...

A simple Arduino kitchen timer

6 minute read

As an example for beginners, I needed an example program that does a simple thing, with very few standard functions of Arduino. Here is an example Arduino pr...

Simple doorbell button example with esphome

8 minute read

esphome is a framework for ESP32 and ESP8266 with which you can create simple devices by just writing YAML files instead of writing code. I choose esphome wh...

Review: fab-manager

7 minute read

Recently, I found a hidden gem; fab-manager. I was looking for a solution to manage machine reservations for customers. Possible alternatives are: writing a ...

Supporting honest business: an electrician

5 minute read

Many tourists say Cambodian people are nice, easygoing, and friendly. While it is an aspect of the people, there are other points of view. In this post, I wo...

A kitchen Comes to Makers

less than 1 minute read

Finally, we have a kitchen at Makers, Siem Reap. It is an open-air, shared kitchen at our garden. We needs more for it, but at least, you can make simple foo...

Say goodbye to ESP8266

3 minute read

ESP8266 has been quite popular. After years of community efforts, it was the de-facto platform for WiFi-enabled projects. Espressif, the chip vendor of ESP82...

Introducing our electronics class

2 minute read

It has been a while since I started my electronics basic class for local students. I have four students, most of them knew nothing about electronics, or prog...

Review: OpenLog, a simple logging device

7 minute read

I bought a small module built around ATMega328p. It is a serial port logger device with an SD card slot. Here is why you need it, why it is useful, and how y...

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How I write ansible role

16 minute read

I maintain many ansible roles. Some are dated back to a decade ago. I would like to document how I write ansible roles and why. In this post, I will describ...

ESP32 and ESP8266 development on FreeBSD

4 minute read

I have been developing applications for ESP32 and ESP8266 devices on FreeBSD for quite some time. Here is a summary of how to develop code for the embedded d...

Review: ESP32-S2-Saola-1 and nanoESP32-S2

6 minute read

I recently bought two ESP32-S2 development boards, ESP32-S2-Saola-1 and nanoESP32-S2. ESP32-S2 is a recent addition to ESP32-family, a scaled-down version of...

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9 minute read

As a maintainer of esp-idf-lib, I would like to test the library on ESP32S2, a single core version of ESP32. At the moment, the only ESP32S2 development boar...

Logistics updates in Siem Reap

1 minute read

I have been making several purchases from AliExpress since the last post about shipping from China to Cambodia (Logistic recovering from Covid 19). Here is t...

How engineers fix problems

8 minute read

As I wrote before, the small alley in front of the property will be paved soon. Everyone in the alley needs to give up some part of their lands. That also me...

My latest project at Makers

6 minute read

While working on my introduction talk about the makerspace and what you can do at a makerspace, I also have been working on my own project. I will explain th...

Logistics Recovering from Covid-19

1 minute read

Like other makers in the world, we rely on AliExpress. In South East Asian countries, Chinese suppliers are often the only option to buy gadgets, supplies an...

Raising creative kids

8 minute read

Kids inherit wealth or poverty from parents. How about creativities? Biologically, maybe at some level. Probably, negligible. Recent researches revealed that...

Pave the way to a better future

2 minute read

Wat Bo, on the east side of the Siem Reap River, where our property is located, is a quiet, cosy area in Siem Reap. Close enough to the Pub Street, far from...

Proposal: Micro:bit course at Makers

3 minute read

At Makers, I am going to provide classroom sessions for kids and students, focusing on a small, cool device developed by BBC, called BBC micro:bit.

Kickstarting the project “Makers”

6 minute read

My name is Tomoyuki Sakurai, or simply Tomi, from Japan, living (or being stranded) in Siem Reap. This is the first post about my project I have been working...

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