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Supporting honest business: an electrician


5 minute read

Many tourists say Cambodian people are nice, easygoing, and friendly. While it is an aspect of the people, there are other points of view. In this post, I would like to introduce an electrician and issues we encounter in Cambodia — or other countries in the region.

A kitchen Comes to Makers


less than 1 minute read

Finally, we have a kitchen at Makers, Siem Reap. It is an open-air, shared kitchen at our garden. We needs more for it, but at least, you can make simple foods, coffee, and cocktails.

Say goodbye to ESP8266


3 minute read

ESP8266 has been quite popular. After years of community efforts, it was the de-facto platform for WiFi-enabled projects. Espressif, the chip vendor of ESP8266, has been releasing ESP32-based products. ESP32C3, supposed to be a successor of ESP8266, was introduced into market in 2020. Should we switch to it? Or ESP32? I would say it is time to say goodbye to ESP8266.

Introducing our electronics class


2 minute read

It has been a while since I started my electronics basic class for local students. I have four students, most of them knew nothing about electronics, or programming. On every weekends, I teach them in a two-hours class.

Review: OpenLog, a simple logging device


7 minute read

I bought a small module built around ATMega328p. It is a serial port logger device with an SD card slot. Here is why you need it, why it is useful, and how you use it. The official documentation, OpenLog Hookup Guide, was written by a developer — probably the author of the code — not a technical writer. The documentation is confusing — sometimes conflicting —, includes friendly expressions, wh...