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My latest project at Makers


6 minute read

While working on my introduction talk about the makerspace and what you can do at a makerspace, I also have been working on my own project. I will explain the project in a series of posts. In the first post of the series, I would like to explain what the project is trying to solve, and challenges I faced.

Logistics Recovering from Covid-19


1 minute read

Like other makers in the world, we rely on AliExpress. In South East Asian countries, Chinese suppliers are often the only option to buy gadgets, supplies and consumables. The orders made in early Feb arrived at Siem Reap after four month, which is the longest delivery time in my past orders. A week ago, I ordered PoE splitters, some development boards, and a machine, and chose FedEx and DHL as...

Raising creative kids


8 minute read

Kids inherit wealth or poverty from parents. How about creativities? Biologically, maybe at some level. Probably, negligible. Recent researches revealed that people inherit creative potential, but that does not guarantee actual performance, or results. Environmental factors must be playing the major role. Mozart became the greatest composer in history not because his father was a violinist, but...

Pave the way to a better future


2 minute read

Wat Bo, on the east side of the Siem Reap River, where our property is located, is a quiet, cosy area in Siem Reap. Close enough to the Pub Street, far from the noise of night parties. It has been known as a residential area, where ex-pats often choose as their place to live. Quiet, green, and less traffic.