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Pave the way to a better future


2 minute read

Wat Bo, on the east side of the Siem Reap River, where our property is located, is a quiet, cosy area in Siem Reap. Close enough to the Pub Street, far from the noise of night parties. It has been known as a residential area, where ex-pats often choose as their place to live. Quiet, green, and less traffic.

Project Proposal: The first makerspace in Siem Reap


10 minute read

We are proposing a project that builds a “makerspace” in Siem Reap, where creators and innovators of all ages and skill levels can create their products, and a community around it. The project is a Kickstart project, currently under review.

Kickstarting the project “Makers”


6 minute read

My name is Tomoyuki Sakurai, or simply Tomi, from Japan, living (or being stranded) in Siem Reap. This is the first post about my project I have been working on since the last year: opening the first makerspace in Siem Reap.