Getting around

By tuk-tuk

Tuk-tuk is the primary transport during your stay. Most of the drivers speak good English. They usually offer common market prices for trips to major tourist destinations, starting from USD 2 for a short trip. They are not just a driver, but a translator, a negotiator, and a guide.

The tuk-tuk drivers around our guesthouse are directly, or indirectly, work with nearby guesthouses. As such, they usually offer fair prices and good services. Please tip well if you are happy with their service.

By PassApp

PassApp is the taxi mobile application with which you can book taxis. The fare is fixed, starting from USD 1. No negotiation is needed. You select a pickup point, and the destination.

On foot

It is possible to walk around the city on foot, but you usually don’t. During the daytime, the sun is too strong and the maximum limit would be 10 minutes. At night, though, working around the Pub Street, night markets, and riverside, is nice.

By bicycle

Many places rent bicycles at reasonable prices. Some maintain bicycles well, others don’t. With map application in your smartphone, yon can safely explore the city. Note that many roads are unpaved. Make sure to rent mountain bicycles in a good condition if you want to visit remote places.

By motorbike

It is illegal for tourists to rent a motorbike. Although some shops rent motorbikes, you should not risk your trip. In addition to legal issues, please remember that the probability of deaths in motorcycle accidents is very high.