We accept USD only at Makers Guesthouse.


Your room has:

  • a kettle
  • cups
  • complimentary tea bags
  • a mosquito racket
  • an extension cable
  • a fan and/or A/C
  • a private bath room
  • a flash light

The voltage of AC main is 240V. Please check the rating of your devices.

Universal power adapters are available for free. They support US (type A), EU (type C), and UK (type G).

Swimming pool

Guests can use a swimming pool at Babel Guesthouse, which is next to Makers Guesthouse, for free. Please order drinks and/or foods — they are great — for their courtesy!



Drinking water is free. We provide a water bottle, a kettle, cups, and tea bags in each room. We do not provide plastic water bottles. Water servers are located at the ground floor.


Your are free to order meals from local restaurants, or other guesthouses. We recommend foods at Babel Guesthouse.

A shared kitchen is available for guests.


WiFi is free. The supported WiFi protocols are 802.11a/b/g/n. If your device support, choose 802.11a for better speed and reliable connection.

We guarantee at least 30 Mbps in each room. If you think the network is slow, please let us know.

During blackout

Blackout is not very uncommon in the town. It usually lasts an hour or two. Cellular phone networks, including internet access, work during a blackout.

Our network is powered by AC main and UPS, or Uninterrupted Power Supply. Your online meeting will not be interrupted.

We do not have diesel generators. During blackouts, you cannot use A/C, electronic kettles, or any device that require power from AC main.

A flash light is provided, which has long battery life, more than a few hours. The battery is rechargeable thorough a USB micro cable.