Safety is one of the first thing you must master at Makers. We do our best to prevent accidents, but the last defence line is always you.

General safety guideline

The emergency phone number is 119

  1. If someone is seriously injured in the makerspace beyond what is manageable by simple first aid, call 119 from any phone.
  2. Alert Makerspace staff
  3. Provide assistance to the injured party until the emergency response team arrives

Attend safety class

Some machines and tools require qualification for safe operation. Before using them, you must demonstrate your understandings. See our badge system.

No drugs and no alcohol

No drugs.

No alcohol before or during work. Enjoy beer after you finish.

Clean up

Keep everything where it belongs.

Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), dress well

Use provided PPE. Dress well. No frills.

Long hair must be tied back or covered.

Do not wear ties, loose clothing, jewelry, gloves, etc. around moving or rotating machinery.

Unplug power tools and machines when not in use

Always unplug power tools and machines when not in use.

Use designated areas for your project

Some areas are designated for specific works, and not allowed to enter without qualifications when someone is working. Follow the instructions.

Painting should only be done in well-ventilated areas, preferably on the patio.

Never work alone

Make sure someone is around you during work.

Report any damage to tools

Report any damage to tools, machines, and humans.

Report when an accident happens

Report any accidents and incidents that might cause possible accidents.

Rule violations

We reserve the right to refuse to service to anyone and terminate memberships upon violations. No refunds.

Wear your badge

We have a badge system to display your skill sets and your understandings of safety. Receive your badge card before work, return the badge card after work.


A list of resources for safety at Makerspace.