3D Printer

To use 3D Printer, you need 3D Print badge.


Electric shocks kill you

The machine is powered by AC main. The power supply unit is capable to source enough current to kill you.

You will get burnt by accidentally touching hot surfaces

3D printers have hot surfaces which can lead to skin injury. These surfaces include the nozzle and the heat plate.

Plastic can catch fire

Plastic is flammable and the nozzle heats plastic filaments.

Fumes are toxic

Some materials, notably ABS, are known to cause health issues.

Safety practices

Read the printer manual and follow the instructions.

Check the machine is clean and in a good condition. Specifically:

  • Power cables is not damaged
  • No sign of fire, or smoke, around the power supply unit

Ensure the area you work has adequate air supply and ventilation.

Always power off the machine when:

  • you finish the work
  • you clean or maintain parts of the machine

Use safe materials. PLA, often made from natural materials, is less toxic.

Wear eye protection goggles.

Wear heat-resistant gloves when touching the nozzle.

Never touch the operating machine.