In the 3D CAD Basic course, we will go thorough a tutorial to create 3D solid model using FreeCAD. You will learn basic navigation in CAD, tools in Part Design Workbench, and a pattern to create 3D solid models.

After successful completion of the course assignment, you will receive 3D CAD badge.

The class takes 3 hours including two 10 minutes breaks.


The course is suitable for anyone who are interested in 3D printing with no experience in the past.


Participants must be over 14 years.

Course objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants will:

  • be able to navigate in a FreeCAD workbench
  • be able to create a simple 3D object
  • be able to export the 3D object to a file in STL format for 3D printing

Course materials

In the course, the following materials are used.

  • A computer

All materials are provided.

Topics covered in the course

  • Understanding common ideas in 3D CAD
  • Navigating
  • Drawing a 2D object, a sketch
  • Converting the sketch to 3D object


Participants will demonstrate their achievements by creating a working circuit.



Minimum and maximum participants

Minimum participants 1
Maximum participants 3