Oscilloscope is a device that visualize electronic signals. In the Oscilloscope course, you will learn basics of oscilloscope, why you need it, and how to visualize signals in a circuit. The course is designed for those who have experiences in building simple circuits.

After successful completion of the course assignment, you will receive Oscillo badge.

The class takes 3 hours including two 10 minutes breaks.


The course is suitable for those who:

  • want debug circuits
  • are considering buying a oscilloscope


Participants must be over 14 years.

Participants must have basic understanding of electronics, such as:

  • Relations of voltage, current, and power
  • How passive components, resistors, capacitors, and diodes, work

Participants must have created a circuit with microcomputer that blinks an LED. For blink circuit, we have Blink course. You are encouraged to take Blink course before this course.

Course objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants will:

  • be able to visualize signals
  • be able to trigger by rising and falling signals

Course materials

In the course, the following materials are used.

  • An oscilloscope
  • A circuit

All materials are provided.

Topics covered in the course

  • Understanding signals
  • Hazards and risks
  • Digital and analog oscilloscopes
  • Common functions in oscilloscopes
  • Triggers
  • Visualizing the Blink


Participants will demonstrate their achievements by configuring the oscilloscope with different triggers.


20 USD

Minimum and maximum participants

Minimum participants 1
Maximum participants 5