Electric Drills

To use Electric Drills, you need Drill badge.


Drills can kill you (and others around you)

The damage could be permanent damage to your body, or death.

High voltage kills you

Defects in the power supply unit or the power cable cause electrical shocks, which is lethal.

Safety practices

Inspect tools for any damage prior to each use.

Inspect power cable for defects.

Report any damages to the staffs.

Read manuals and operating instructions.

Understand the capabilities of the drill. Do not exceed the capabilities.

Wear eye protection goggles.

Do NOT wear gloves.

Use sharp drill bits. Do NOT use dull drill bits.

Turn off the drill before connecting it to a power supply (if it has a power switch).

Disconnect the power supply or cable from the power source when changing or adjusting drill bit.physically.

Pull the plug, not the power cable when unplugging.

Tighten the chuck securely.

Secure workpiece being drilled. Use clamp when working with small pieces.

Do not use the drill in wet locations.

Keep the drill and the power cable away from heat, water, oil, sharp edges and moving parts.

Do NOT operate the drill at the higher height of your chest.