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What I teach in my class at Makers


4 minute read

When I started my electronics class, I was not sure how it would go. After months, the students finally write actual code that does something more than blinking an LED.

A simple Arduino kitchen timer


6 minute read

As an example for beginners, I needed an example program that does a simple thing, with very few standard functions of Arduino. Here is an example Arduino program; a simple kitchen timer.

Simple doorbell button example with esphome


8 minute read

esphome is a framework for ESP32 and ESP8266 with which you can create simple devices by just writing YAML files instead of writing code. I choose esphome when the device I need is simple because, in simple devices, I do not have to write same code again and again. esphome provides components for common tasks, such as OTA, Web interface of the device, and Home Assistant integration.

Review: fab-manager


7 minute read

Recently, I found a hidden gem; fab-manager. I was looking for a solution to manage machine reservations for customers. Possible alternatives are: writing a custom Google Forms application, using other generic resource management system, or — drum roll — Excel. I do not like any of them, and accidentally found fab-manager. It looked great, and it actually is. If you are a makerspace with unique...