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Open House at Makers: micro:bit


6 minute read

micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer board designed by BBC, to encourage kids to learn how computers work, rather than simply consuming. The fourth Open House event at Makers Siem Reap, kids met the board and learnt programming. Here is the summary of the event.

Open House at Makers: 3D Modeling


2 minute read

In the last week’s Open House at Makers Siem Reap, we had 3D modeling classes, in which kids learnt how 3D object is designed with CAD, or Computer Assisted Design. Here is the summary.

Open House at Makers: Paper crafts


3 minute read

Our open house event at Makers Siem Reap the last weekends, Kids made a paper glider. Paper craft is not just an activity for kids at school, but a serious art. Here is the summary of the class.

What I teach in my class at Makers


4 minute read

When I started my electronics class, I was not sure how it would go. After months, the students finally write actual code that does something more than blinking an LED.