Develop Design Thinking at makerspace

Also known as engineering, Design Thinking is a method to solve a problem. Unlike traditional education where teachers transfer knowledge first, the students then apply the knowledge to solve problems, Design Thinking requires students to find problems, and learn new things to solve the problem. Design Thinking gives students incentives to learn more. It is an iterative process to:

  • find a problem,
  • understand the problem,
  • analyse the problem,
  • define requirements of possible solution,
  • learn new things to solve the problem
  • design the solution,
  • prototype the solution,
  • and test the solution.

You need many iterations to complete your solution. During the cycles, you will find wrong assumptions, incomplete analysis, defects in the design, and misapplication of your knowledge. The process itself is the learning process.

Albert Einstein said it correctly:

“Anyone who has never made a mistake, never tried anything new”

You cannot make something new without failing first. Developing a product or a solution is a cycle of failures.

If you are interested in the subject, visit Design Thinking for Educators for additional information.

We are not, in any way, educators, but we can help educators to design their education programs, provide spaces, tools and materials. We can introduce web services and applications designed for kids and/or students.

We care about safety at Makers

Safety is the last thing to implement in this country, if ever. We implement security controls for safety as reasonably as possible. We require members to take courses which include security instructions, and safety practices before using certain tools, machines, and works. We have safety guidelines and a list of tools and machines that require safety clearance.

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